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A Blog at Last!

Well finally, as our season draws to a close, I have found a moment to sit down and write our first blog !  For many a month I have wondered what to write in our first entry but it’s been little more than a cursory thought as there is always so much going on in our manic lives!  So, what better time to start than now as things come to a close, other of course than when I should have done it, at the beginning of the season when we launched our website!

Anyway, our last two lots of guests are here, enjoying the most amazing October weather, day long sunshine matched with temperatures in the early thirties, the folks down at La Cabushe even told us they’d had to kick off their duvet last night! It really has been exceptional!

    Sunflowers at the Grand Abri

Well we’ve had a fantastic time over the summer, we’ve met some great people and made lots of new friends and all the feedback has been very positive, with lots of people telling us that we have created something very special here at Chez Devalon.  I certainly hope that over the coming years many of them will do as promised and return to stay again and witness the developments that we have bashed on about!  But don’t expect them all at once, it may take a while before you can take your turn on the bike, which is powering the washing machine with your clothes in it, whilst your partner is wallowing in the plunge pool!  And these amazing barriques (see below) may one day be converted into a two-man sauna and a hot-tub but not for next year as we are going to be really busy getting the third yurt unit ready with a hobbit-house style kitchen, all hidden away in our woods but you’ll hear much more about that in future postings.

     The House and Gite at Chez Devalon

This year in the middle of July we got our new yurt, the Petit Abri, up and running (see the photos below) – the idea of this new yurt is that it forms a double yurt, and is rented out only with La Grande Abri so that friends can “glamp” together.  Two yurts for two couples who want to share their holiday and can cook and have the odd drink together on the terrace yet still have the privacy of their own yurt.

    The Petit Abri

     The Eco Bathroom in the making